What does Emil Boc say about driverless buses

What does Emil Boc say about driverless buses

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Monday, October 21, 2019, Written by: Monitorul

"We launched a pilot project in Cluj - which means confirming the city brand of innovation, artificial intelligence, development, research and IT - and with this pragmatic dimension regarding the commissioning, on an experimental basis, of an autonomous bus, without a driver, following the model of those that exist in major European cities.This bus will serve as a traffic area the central area, to show that this city supports the modern dimension, supports innovation and artificial intelligence, which we can not avoid. a means of mobility of the future this autonomous transport and I hope that next year we will see it on the streets of Cluj ", declared, on Monday, to the press, the mayor Emil Boc.

He also said that the pilot project will be implemented in collaboration with UTCN.

"Cluj-Napoca wants to set the tone, once again, in Romania in terms of public transport, after being the first city to introduce electric buses," said the mayor of Cluj.

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