"Werner, we need smaller needles!" - Jestetter pioneer in the field of microsurgery receives an honorary doctorate

Werner, we need smaller needles! - Jestetter pioneer in the field of microsurgery receives an honorary doctorate

Jestetter Werner Spingler receives an honorary doctorate from the Romanian University Cluj-Napoca. The 91-year-old is a pioneer in the field of microsurgery and vascular surgery. The company he founded, S&T, is the world's leading manufacturer of surgical needles.

Werner Spingler's life's work was recognized when the University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) awarded him an honorary doctorate. The Jestetter is a pioneer in the field of surgical needles for microsurgery and was the world's first manufacturer of microscopic surgical needles for vascular surgery.

"Werner, we need smaller needles (Werner, we need smaller needles)" was the saying in the early 1960s when Werner Spingler, chief engineer at B.G. Sulzle had been to Syracuse, New York. The American needle manufacturer had not been able to do this, but Werner Spingler had, and so the company S&T (Spingler & amp; Tritt) came into being, which has been a leader in the manufacture of surgical instruments for micro and vascular surgery for more than half a century is.

Werner Spingler was born on August 4th, 1927 in Schaffhausen, his father, Eugen, came from Oberndorf / Neckar, his mother, Stefanie, née Zureich, from Jestetten. He spent his childhood in Jestetten, in 1937 the family moved to Oberndorf, where Werner completed a mechanic apprenticeship with the Mauser company in 1941.

In January 1945, the then 17-year-old was drafted into the Wehrmacht and was supposed to oppose the Russians on the Eastern Front. Fortunately, he was able to flee the hospital to Austria on May 6, 1945, and was thus not taken into Russian, but into American captivity, which lasted only 14 days.

After the war, the family returned to Jestetten due to unemployment, where father and son were able to take a job at SIG in Neuhausen / Rheinfall. And in 1952 Werner Spingler emigrated to America.

Ultimately, it was due to the homesickness of his wife, Martha, that he and his family (four sons) moved back to Jestetten in the mid-1960s and founded the company S&T. "Back then there were no tools for vascular surgeons, so we developed and manufactured them," said Werner Spingler in an interview with this newspaper.

In cooperation with the leading microsurgeons and neurosurgeons, the small Jestetter company was soon able to expand further and ultimately became the world's most important manufacturer of surgical needles. In the meantime the company S&T has its seat in Neuhausen / Rheinfall, owners are Rolf and Markus Spingler, managing director is Markus Spingler.

Today Romania is an important center for vascular surgery, especially the University of Timisoara. The Werner Spingler Fellowship, a foundation of S & amp; T, works with the Romanian Society for Microsurgery, which explains why Werner Spingler received an honorary doctorate from a Romanian university.

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