Volunteers clean up a homeless camp in San Jose

Volunteers clean up a homeless camp in San Jose

The Homeless Defender continued his mission to clean up and rebuild homeless camps on Saturday. The camp he visits is one of the largest in San Jose.

True, this camp is like an island to itself. The island of poverty is abundant and forgotten. No one takes responsibility for this, except the people who live here, but they are cut off from the resources that all of us who are housed are Wagers.

Several dozen people met in a camp on Bassetti Street in downtown San Jose near First Street, loading hundreds of dollars into a trash can, piling it up and throwing it in a large trash can that was towed and organized by a local business owner, Mauricio. Mejia.

This is incredible. Mejia said it is amazing to see that it is a wall that separates the civilian world and that then appears to be inhumanist, and just like anyone who cares for or actually cares for these people, Mejia said.

In addition to being directly below the motorway, the homeless camp is located on the still active Union Railways of the Union.

Sweeping is usually wiped out when camps are cleaned, and people move to another neighborhood. Wagers said the camp stabilized in the hope that if we clean it up and rebuild it, we can show the city and the community that homeless camps can be productive, Wagers said.

Cleaning the bins is literally a way to keep people alive, because the bins are full of rodents and diseases, and just the unsanitary conditions that none of us want to live in, and it's amazing to people that they actually survive, Wagers said.


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