VIVO Cluj-Napoca claims to have killed cockroaches in restaurants and invites Cluj residents to dine - Cluj News

VIVO Cluj-Napoca claims to have killed cockroaches in restaurants and invites Cluj residents to dine - Cluj News

The representatives of VIVO Cluj-Napoca claim that they killed the beetles that led to the closure of the restaurants and threw a stain that was difficult to wipe off the "face of the company".

”As a result of the OPC Cluj inspection in the area of ​​restaurants in the food-court area of ​​VIVO! Cluj-Napoca, we inform you that the restaurants in VIVO! Cluj-Napoca are currently functional and open to visitors.

VIVO management! Cluj-Napoca has openly declared its availability and transparency since the beginning of this process and has offered support to the authorities for assessing and resolving the entire situation.

Once again, we want to assure all parties involved that we have strictly complied with and implemented all legal and contractual procedures imposed in this case.

The safety and health of our customers are extremely important for us and we want to apologize to all our customers for any inconvenience caused ", states those from VIVO Cluj.

At the restaurants from VIVO Cluj, colonies of red and black beetles were found on Wednesday. The area was so infested that when the furniture was pulled from the wall, dozens of beetles the size of a 50-coin coin were seen.

OPC Cluj said that VIVO will have to disinsect everything at 7-8 and gather all the furniture from each restaurant in the middle of the room, and only after 4-5 such operations will it be possible to say that sanitation has been done.

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I will never eat at VIVO again. Thank you beetles, and I wish you a long life.

You see something like this only in Romania. How to kill beetle colonies in a week ?????? And these don't close at least one day a month to do cleaning and rodent control ?????? This is done in any civilized country. You must be unconscious to eat here. We are unpretentious. Uncivilized country.

I don't deserve to eat Chinese menu .... PSBTHLIM
"claims to have killed beetles"

This is also an opinion ... No, they did not escape, the final verdict can be given after 90 days but after a single attack / remnant application they do not disappear, many are just dizzy, they wake up and it will be identical only that they will put "garbage under the press" no one will write anything, it will be paid and ready. Applying a single… Read more

Untoldeanu limbrice de buda, to have pohta what you pohtit, at the table that shit at that little dwarf!

The special citizen Boc, because he calls us "ordinary" citizens, was launched the challenge of 2019 - you will not find out about it from the local press - yet: Vocea Clujului, however, is at your disposal.

Anyway, I wasn't a fan of Vivo restaurants, but even now, I won't be their customer. Too bad many people come from other areas near Cluj and it will be an achievement for them to eat there. Bleah!

Let me hear someone else not believe in miracles!
No, thanks. You will serve the meal after 3 days since the beetles appeared! Great bastards are in this country!

It's not like on this planet beetle colonies die between 30 and 45 days, in Cluj they die between 30 and 45 hours because we are strong in software

@gandacul: it's like nature, Cluj is a smart city because its inhabitants are smart.
Too bad for denigrating restaurants ... just for a deposit

Abracadabra and the bugs are gone .... even those infected spaces have suddenly become healthy !!! Only at Vivo is such a thing possible!

Is the wine heard? come all in line!
@Nelu: To **** **** the incomes that they raised Cluju for you

Does anyone understand anything in the press release? What do you mean "As a result of the OPC Cluj inspection ... the restaurants in VIVO! Cluj-Napoca are currently functional and open to visitors" So what, before they were closed and the OPC opened them? In addition, we hope it will open as a result of the disinsection applied and the cleaning done. Finally, how to scratch… Read on

Do you get fake Poloste Lacoste, some beetles that matter?
call the opc to close these THIEVES !!!!

coming weekend, the food must have a place in the queue
@SANYI: nobody keeps you in this country, so: VALEA !!!!
Aha, and the pig said he doesn't eat shit anymore !!!
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