VIDEO Strength demonstration at Cluj Airport! How prepared are we for a disaster?

VIDEO Strength demonstration at Cluj Airport! How prepared are we for a disaster?

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The intervention forces - from firefighters, doctors and police, to representatives of the Romanian Army, gendarmes or the Antitrust Brigade within the SRI - have verified the applicability of the "Action Plan for Emergency Situations" in the event of a civil aviation accident at the airport . According to the international regulations, every international airport is obliged to perform such an exercise every two years with the deployment of all intervention forces.

“An aircraft with 100 passengers on board made contact with the ground before the runway. The plane broke into two pieces, smoke came out, there were 24 dead, many injured. More than 50 institutions, more than 500 people involved, participate in this exercise. In less than three minutes, the airport's fire service arrived on the spot, according to international standards. At the time of the accident, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) was announced and the crisis plan was implemented ”, explained David Ciceo, general manager of Cluj Airport, hypothesis of the exercise.

In addition to dozens of special vehicles, ambulances and other intervention crews, a military helicopter from Câmpia Turzii, as well as a SMURD helicopter participated in the exercise to transport the "wounded" to the hospital. The rescuers were exemplary mobilized, respecting the times imposed by the international regulations, and the exercise - in which the prefect of Cluj County, Ioan Aurel Cherecheș, participated - proved to be a success, according to ISU Cluj representatives.

"We are ready, of course! From our point of view, we want to see the intervention time, to reach the intervention site from our sub-units in Cluj. Let's see, how much do we do, how do we organize at the airport when there are many victims, where do we evacuate them? It is very important, this is the purpose of the exercise. I think, to a large extent, today ( Thursday) we will achieve this goal. We are convinced that, in a real situation, we can cope with such an event ”, said Ion Moldovan, chief inspector of ISU Cluj.

The exercise was one of the utmost importance for carrying out the airport activity, according to the representatives of Cluj Airport, and its purpose was to train the personnel participating in the intervention, to coordinate the actions between the institutions, but also to familiarize the airport staff regarding their role in the action. The exercise was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Transport, the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Authority, as well as the airports and airlines.

“Following an aviation accident, a lot of research is being done. (...) ISU mobilized very well, the times in which they arrived (n.d. rescue) are in parameters. There are many equipments, over 50 cars involved, a special role is played by the Ambulance Service and all the hospitals involved. We are ready at all times, the safety and security of passengers is the first place for Cluj International Airport ”, added David Ciceo.

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