Urbino 12 electric for Cluj-Napoca

Urbino 12 electric for Cluj-Napoca

The Polish bus manufacturer Solaris has completed the delivery of eleven Urbino 12 electric e-buses to Cluj-Napoca. Over the next three years, the order can be increased to a total of 41 units - a further twelve buses of the same type will go into service in the Romanian city at the end of 2018.

Mayor Emil Boca and the Polish ambassador to Romania, Arkadiusz Michoński, attended the vehicle handover ceremony. As the buses are part of a Swiss-Romanian cooperation program, the Swiss ambassador was also there.

The Solaris Urbino 12 electric used in Cluj-Napoca are twelve meters long and equipped with a 160 kW electric motor that is powered by 200 kWh batteries. With the construction of eleven slow-charging stations and two fast-charging pantographs, investments were also made in the appropriate infrastructure for operating the buses.

The battery-electric vehicles are equipped with air conditioning for the passenger compartment and WiFi. They offer a total of 27 seats and can carry a maximum of 78 passengers.

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