The Treasure Island ferry terminal is breaking ground, waiting for 8,000 new SF homes

The Treasure Island ferry terminal is breaking ground, waiting for 8,000 new SF homes

Rachel Swan September 10, 2019 Updated: September 10, 2019 5:31 PM. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest Comments Treasure Island Community Development has begun construction on a new ferry terminal on the west coast of Treasure Island, connecting the San Francisco financial district. Work has begun in the north center of the ferry terminal, which is depicted in the rendering of a fully developed treasure island. Photo: Distribution / TICD

Developers have begun building a ferry terminal on Treasure Island's raw, palm-lined shore, the site of a major real estate project that could bring 8,000 homes and 24,000 new residents by 2035.

A ferry is a critical element of a transportation plan that city and county officials are constantly improving to get people to and from San Francisco without interrupting Bay Bridge. Construction of 266 homes began on the adjacent island of Yerba Buena earlier this year and people will start moving in within two years.

In addition to new housing, Treasure Island has retail, restaurants, a hotel and a large open space, so officials are also planning to visit tourists for new developments and parks.

Although the project is currently a little more than a barge and a crane in front of the Treasure Island administration building, it is almost a place to create, said Chris Meany, co-director of Treasure Iceland's community development, a joint venture between Lennar Corp., Stockbridge Capital Group and Wilson Meany. The group is investing tens of millions of dollars to fund the terminal, which developers hope to open in 2021.

Meany and others see ferries as a form of mass transit infrastructure that is both romantic and utilitarian. It strengthens San Francisco's connection to water while overcoming the psychological barrier of the bay and bridge.

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Treasure Island is a funny thing, Meany said. It takes five to 10 minutes to reach the financial district (from there) or 20 minutes to reach the west side of the city. It's extremely close. However, because it is an island, it seems so distant

It is not clear whether the ferry service will be provided by a public body or a private company, or whether it may eventually extend to other areas of the Eastern Gulf, which will largely depend on demand and population density. The San Francisco County Department of Transportation hopes to first ship from the west coast of the islands to the Embarcadero every 30 minutes during the commute. By 2035, ferries will move every 15 minutes throughout the day.

In addition, officials plan to boost bus traffic and replace branched roads with holes in freshly paved pedestrian and cycle paths. Tolls for entering and leaving the island are also planned, which is the pricing of congestion, which attracted transport experts and sparked a debate in the town hall.

Ferries may ultimately be the most desirable mode of transportation, with the San Francisco waterfront offering a quick passage across the shaky waters of the Gulf. The Gulf region is the third largest ferry market in the country behind Seattle and New York, and many politicians are looking to the future, including the ambulatory boats of the past.

David Chiu, a member of the D-San Francisco National Assembly, is especially on ferries. He called for a $ 300 million increase in tolls for Regional Action 3 to invest in new ferry infrastructure, in addition to $ 35 million a year to support operating costs. Recent developments include a temporary landing to serve Mission Bay's Chase Center.

Also on the horizon: a new ferry terminal in a 68-acre coastal area near Alameda Point, where the naval airport used to be. Officials on Thursday mark the groundbreaking breakthrough at the ship's lagoon terminal, the city's third such ferry infrastructure.

Like colleagues in Treasure Island, Alameda developers and politicians see water transit as a means of relieving congestion, getting people out of cars and mitigating climate change.

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