The holograms of Iuliu Haţieganu and Ioan Aurel Pop discussed the University of Cluj

The holograms of Iuliu Haţieganu and Ioan Aurel Pop discussed the University of Cluj

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"Posterity has kept you in memory as an apostle of the nation, a proof that the university (at that time the faculty) you founded and the largest sports park in the country (one of the first in Europe), made by you for students, carries you name. How was the world and how were Romanians a century ago? "asked the hologram of Ioan Aurel Pop.

"I was a simple doctor, sometimes also of souls, but basically a doctor, a doctor-teacher, blessed with very good students, with many exceptional colleagues. The world of 1918-1919 was tormented as after the war, impoverished and mourned, but it was hailed by such a hope for good, in the victory of reason and of generous feelings, that we did not care about evil, because good overpowered evil. The miracles were born of the state integration, among them were our Romanian university, named by Vasile Pârvan National University of the Upper Dacia, but also the National Theater, Opera, Romanian high schools, research institutes. Romanian intellectual as it had never been seen before, "replied the hologram of Iuliu Haţieganu.

The imaginary dialogue took place on Friday night, during the Centenary event in Alb and NegrU, which is a continuation of the events held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of university sports in Cluj-Napoca.

"10 entities and over 200 people involved in the organization, 700 seats, 919 gifts for the public, 60,000 euros budget. Centenary in White and Black in numbers, an event with free access! (...) A century of sports history, full of personalities and performances, of emotion and attachment Centenary Event in White and NegrU: an imaginary dialogue between generations, between two great legends of the University: academicians Iuliu Haţieganu, founder of the 'U' club, in hologram form, and Ioan Aurel Pop, the current rector of Babeş-Bolyai University; a play titled 'Home ... in Cluj' - has a turning point and deep emotion in the University's history: the return, in 1945, of the beauty of in Sibiu, closely linked to the end of World War II ", the organizers of the event show.

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