The followers of the flat earth theory met in Cluj | Astronomer: They'll pay attention, but if you gather them, you wouldn't fill a bus with them

The followers of the flat earth theory met in Cluj | Astronomer: They'll pay attention, but if you gather them, you wouldn't fill a bus with them

The theory that the Earth is flat has followers in Romania, and they organized last weekend the first international conference on this topic. It took place at a luxury hotel in Cluj-Napoca, and the participants came from all over the Globe ... or from all over the world, as they preferred.

The organizers say that images with our planet published by NASA are either tricked or computer generated. Specifically, they claim that the Earth is not a spherical planet, but a fixed, flat realm, and above it is the Sun and Moon. According to the followers of the Flat Earth Theory, mankind has been lied to and manipulated for centuries.

One of the invitations to the event invoked that the sun would set faster in the South than in the North, which would prove that there is no globe and hemispheres: “Another example was the sun setting in the south. This is how the sun's path above the Flat Earth looks. The sun goes down high in the south and the speed is higher. It is much faster the sunset in the south, dark darkness without twilight immediately after sunset. It is instant cold. There is no explanation for such a thing in the heliocentric model, obviously this is not discussed on TV. ”

"The elliptical orbits of Mercury and Venus are much smaller than the orbit of the Earth, that's logical, that's the model. To look at Venus and Mercury at night, you must look at the Sun. This is the problem. So you should just see them for the day, ”he added.

"The arguments are worthless, they use the conspiracy theory, that NASA is lying. We look into the cosmos through the moons, and we see them all spherical because they were formed in a certain way," said the astronomer.

He explained that if he were invited to such an event, he would go with photos, but not of the Earth, but of other planets to demonstrate the round shape. "They should explain some laws of physics, which they cannot do."

The astronomer explained where such theories emerge: "They want to be heard, to come out with something different to receive attention. 30 people came. Dozens of people also appear in the United States, while every scientific theory is supported by tens of thousands. It seems like such events, because the Internet is used, but if you gather everyone in a room I don't think you would fill a bus, "concluded the astronomer.

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