The Faculty of Medicine of Cluj-Napoca has received the international accreditation for the quality of education

The Faculty of Medicine of Cluj-Napoca has received the international accreditation for the quality of education

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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) "Iuliu Hațieganu" from Cluj-Napoca has received the international accreditation for the quality of education. "This certification represents a recognition of the value of the educational institution and offers an additional asset to graduates. The Faculty of Medicine of Cluj-Napoca thus becomes the first in Romania to receive this recognition ”, it is stated in a statement sent by the UMF.

The result comes as a result of the favorable report prepared by the external evaluation carried out by AMSE (Association of European Schools of Medicine) and ASIIN (Agency for the Accreditation of the Programs of Study in Engineering, Mathematics and Natural Sciences), both based in Germany. The evaluation process was carried out according to WFME (World Federation of Medical Education) standards, meeting with the evaluators taking place from May 6-9, 2019.

We are talking about the first medical school in Romania that has been evaluated according to these standards, for the international recognition of diplomas it is necessary that, by 2023, worldwide medical faculties will be evaluated according to these standards, which have the role of certifying the quality. educational services offered.

Following the visit made by the evaluation committee, many indicators were analyzed that served as a basis for establishing the quality level of the educational process: the mission and the results of the Faculty of Medicine, the curriculum, the resources, the educational methods and tools used, the students' examination. , the academic body, students, evaluations of the study program, governance and administration, as well as continuous innovation and renewal.

"The Faculty of Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, headed by the dean prof. Dr. Anca-Dana Buzoianu, is the most representative in Transylvania, ranked in category A on a national level, and is also the faculty with the highest international recognition. The diplomas obtained are recognized both in the European Union and in the rest of the world, which gives the graduates the advantage of integration in the labor market, allowing them to easily adapt to various public or private health systems.

The European openness and the multicultural character are supported by the existence of study programs in English and French, in addition to the one in Romanian, the Faculty of Medicine of Cluj-Napoca being among the few institutions in the world that offers a study program in three languages ​​”, more send UMF representatives.

The Faculty of Medicine of Cluj-Napoca is the institution where the most foreign students from Romania are registered, the number of candidates being constantly increasing. The weight of international students from the English and French sections has increased, from the last 10 years, from 30% to 45% of the total students of the faculty, and their number has almost doubled, from 944 students in 2008, to 1,747 in 2019.

"This certification is the result of the work of the exceptional group of teachers that I am proud to have with us and of our particularly valuable students. The quality of studies within the UMF «Iuliu Hațieganu» is already a tradition that we carry on through constant effort invested in innovation and renewal. The increasing number of Romanian and foreign students who choose our university is an additional certification of the quality of our work. Of course, we want those who finish their studies at UMF Cluj Napoca to stay in the country and continue what they started here, but if their choice is to go to other worlds, we are glad that we can support them beyond this new border certification, "said Anca Buzoianu.

The Faculty of Medicine of Cluj-Napoca is already internationally recognized by having the "Label CIDMEF" Quality Recognition Diploma, a certificate of quality and performance that appreciates the conformity of the educational process with the CIDMEF (International Conference of Deans and Faculty of Medicine) norms. French expression) or by joining AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) and AMSE (Association of European Schools of Medicine).

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