The County Council puts its hand deep in the pocket: hair dryers, dehumidifiers, access tunnel and repairs at Cluj Arena

The County Council puts its hand deep in the pocket: hair dryers, dehumidifiers, access tunnel and repairs at Cluj Arena

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Thus, among the wishes of the county forum there is an automatic extensible tunnel to UEFA and FIFA standards, professional dehumidifiers for equipping the changing rooms (bathrooms) in the grandstand II, but also some hotel hairdryers, also for the changing rooms of the grandstand II. Moreover, CJ Cluj announces repair work for the changing rooms of the sports halls in the first and second stands of the stadium.

The total value estimated by the County Council for the automatic extensible tunnel amounts to 55,000 lei (excluding VAT). It would have a height of 2.4 meters, a length of 8 meters, respectively a width of 5 meters. Further, for two professional dehumidifiers, the county forum puts in a fight 34,000 lei (without VAT), imposing the condition that they be delivered to the Administration and Operation Directorate of the Cluj Arena Stadium in maximum 30 days.

For six hotel hairdryers, which will enter into the locker rooms at the second stand, CJ Cluj removes from the pocket € 5,400 (excluding VAT). Therefore, 900 lei would cost a hairdryer purchased by the county forum; according to a simple Google search, this is one of the worst prices. According to the specifications, they would be used by subscribers and sportsmen, especially in winter, to "avoid the discomfort created by the cold season". The County Council motivates the acquisition by the fact that, at present, in the changing rooms there are hair dryers that "are defective due to the wear to which they are subjected".

Last but not least, most of the money - 155,000 lei (excluding VAT) - goes to the repair works of the changing rooms of the sports halls from the first and second stands. The County Council has drawn up a long list of works to be carried out, from the undoing of the tiles and the tiles, cleaning the walls, ceilings and removing the areas affected by condensation or interior plaster repairs, until pouring waterproofing screed in the area of ​​showers and toilets, tiles and floor installation or replacement of sewage pipes.

The works will be carried out on a useful surface of 135.4 square meters in the first stand, respectively of 150.60 square meters in the second stand, according to the specifications. "A good performance guarantee of 10% of the value of the contract without VAT will be established. The guarantee of good execution is constituted within 5 working days from the signing of the public procurement contract ”, shows in the document published by CJ Cluj.

Cluj Arena was inaugurated in October 2011 and cost Cluj County Council 45 million euros. It has a capacity of 30,596 seats in sports competitions and 55,000 places in concerts. The stadium was built by the consortium formed by ACI Cluj, Con-A Sibiu (both companies with 100% Romanian capital), Transylvania Construction, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN), Dico and Ţigănaş, Bogart Construct SRL, DAS Engineering and Grup 4 Installations to the latest UEFA and FIFA standards, in place of the old "Ion Moina".

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