The Cluj County Council gives green light for the execution of the works at the "Apusenilor Road"

The Cluj County Council gives green light for the execution of the works at the Apusenilor Road

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The investment will be realized within the European funded project "Improvement of the road infrastructure of regional importance - Northern Transylvania Regional Route, Apuseni Road, by modernizing DJ 108K (boundary of Bihor county - Baraj Drăgan) from km. 26 + 455 km. 29 + 495 and DJ 764B (Drăgan Dam - intersection DN1) from km. 0 + 000 km. 22 + 164,500 ”, is shown in a press release submitted by the county forum.

The project aims to connect the localities from Cluj and Bihor counties to the trans-European TEN-T transport network. The contract was awarded, at the end of the legal tender procedure, to the Repair and Works Enterprise (ARL) Cluj SA, its value being 103,093,344.13 lei, excluding VAT (over 21.6 million euros). It is about the company that won and the contract for the pedestrianization of the western side of the Union Market, according to the plans of the architects of Planwerk.

The works will start in the next period and will have a maximum execution time of 24 months, calculated from the effective start date, promises CJ Cluj. The project aims to rehabilitate and modernize the county roads 764B (DN1 - Vală Drăganului - Lunca Vișagului - Accumulation dam Drăgan - DJ 108K) from km. 0 + 000 km. 22 + 164,500 and DJ 108K (boundary with Bihor county - Drăgan accumulation dam) from km. 26 + 455 km. 29 + 495.

"Of great complexity and scope, the works will be executed in the depth of the road, starting from the foundation, and will be finished by laying asphalt carpet in two layers, binder and wear layer. At the same time, in order to increase the road safety, 9,052.55 square meters of pavement, seven bus stations, seven car parks, lowered edges, 10,694.50 meters of safety parapets, 10 speed limiters and four resonant lanes, five systems will be built. of luminous warning and 10 metal consoles, nets and elastic barriers of stone protection, 6.151 km tree alignments, level crossing with railway, etc. ”, is also shown in the press release of Cluj County Council.

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