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Teen basketball players in Cluj & nbsp; & nbsp; Today is Dora, Dorottya's day. Thursday, February 6, 2020

On the first weekend of October, another international youth basketball tournament took place in Cluj-Napoca, where 9 representatives of the EY16 (European Youth & Bbball League) U16 age group clashed in a half-round match, that is, up to 18 matches.

The treasure city, including U-BT, was hosted by three Hungarian teams, from Budapest the Fat Academy Quarry, the Debrecen Basketball Academy and the Lions Sports Association (OSE) Lions, one each from the Czech Republic, TJ Sokol Prazsky from Italy, the Italian Basket Academy Perugia, Serbian, KK BEKO Belgrade, Slovenian, KK Leone Ajdovschina and Bulgarian, BC Balkan Botevgrad.

“I always like to return to Cluj-Napoca, where I feel very at home: the hospitality of the city and within it of the organizing club was somewhat complemented by the joy of being able to communicate in several languages, including my mother tongue.

I can only praise the organization, the perfect work of the table judges deserves special mention.

The army review of players born in 2004 (and younger - ed. Note) reveals a balanced field that can only benefit the teams. We have seen many good basketball players and it is a pleasure to be able to follow several of the talents discovered a year or two ago, to acknowledge their progress.

A big fight is expected in February in Oroszlány (February 20-23, 2020 - ed. Note), where at least six teams will fight for an almost equal chance of winning the two advancing places.

- Dara Lilla Csenge, the event manager of the Central European Division, supervised the Cluj-Napoca (ifi) basketball marathon with our idea manager and leader.

The four-day tournament was a more balanced fight than ever before, and nothing proves this more eloquently than the fact that he was not unbeaten on the field. Five teams lost one to three victories each, TJ Sokol, BEKO, U-BT, Balkan and Kőbánya, KK Leone gave a 50 percent performance, Debrecen a success, while Perugia and the OSE Lions remained undefeated.

Results: TJ Sokol: 64-79 with BEKO, 88-78 with the Balkans, 81-63 with Perugia and 78-52 with the OSE Lions. BEKO: 99-71 with KK Leone, 55-75 with Debrecen and 83-54 with OSE Lions. U-BT: 64-70 with KK Leone, 54-47 with Kőbánya, 86-79 (after overtime) with Debrecen and 86-77 with Perugia. Balkans: 84-76 with Perugia, 83-74 with Debrecen and 67-44 with OSE Lions. Quarry: 75-72 with KK Leone, 67-68 with Debrecen and 72-65 with Perugia. KK Leone: 79-67 with the OSE Lions.

The next four rounds of the round will take place in Oroszlány, Hungary, from 20 to 23 February 2020 (hosted by OSE Lions). From here they continue: 1. TJ Sokol 7 points, 2. BEKO 7p, 3. U-BT 7p, 4. Balkan 7p, Kőbánya 7p, 6. KK Leone 6p, 7. Debrecen 5p, 8. Perugia 4p, 9. OSE Lions 4p.

Special prizes: best players of the teams (MVP): Ondrej Plasil (TJ Sokol), Igor Bosziljcsics (BEKO), Andrei Lucian Dardai (U-BT), Martin Marinov (Balkan), Gergő Balaton (Kőbánya), Domen Petrovic (KK Leone ), Krisztián Madar (Debrecen), Emmanuele Giannullo (Perugia), Márk Szabadfi (OSE Lions); the MVP of the tournament: Filip Borovicsanin (BEKO Belgrade); the best five of the tournament (All Star): Adam Ruzicka (TJ Sokol), Tudor Stefan Somacescu (U-BT), Hajdú Péter Márton (Debrecen), Martin Gerbec (KK Leone), Ilijan Pistikov (Balkan).

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