Rescue speleologists from Cluj tested their skills in the Şura Mare cave in the Şureanu Mountains

Rescue speleologists from Cluj tested their skills in the Şura Mare cave in the Şureanu Mountains

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019, Written by: Monitor

The Salvaspeo national exercise took place between October 18-20, being organized under the auspices of the Romanian Salvaspeo Corsa Corps, by the Salvamont-Salvaspeo Cluj and Hunedoara Public Services, according to the representatives of the Cluj County Council.

The action was attended by 41 rescuers from five accredited rescue centers in Romania, as well as one participant from Poland and Sweden, "Salvamont-Salvaspeo" Cluj being represented by 16 speleological rescuers.

The exercise consisted of evacuating a person from about 1.8 km from the depths of the cave, and took place in optimal conditions, highlighting the ability of rescuers from different centers in the country to work together, using the same types of equipment and techniques.

The purpose of this exercise was also the professionalization of rescue teams in the context of increasing the number of emergency requests indicating a serious accident in this tourist area intensely visited by tourists and climbers.

Șura Mare Cave is crossed by an underground river that gave the rescuers the opportunity to test their ability to intervene in specific conditions - waterfalls, lakes, semi-siphons. The low water temperature and the very narrow passages also contributed to the difficulty of evacuation.

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