Not just Bucharest and Dracula's castle. What impresses in Romania is much closer

Not just Bucharest and Dracula's castle. What impresses in Romania is much closer

We are going to Romania & nbsp; - & nbsp; however, not to Bucharest, & nbsp; Maramures, not to the castle & Drum & nbsp; and not to the Merry Cemetery. Let's look near the Hungarian border & nbsp; - & nbsp; to Krishana to see Oradea and Cluj-Napoca & nbsp; - & nbsp; two cities that show a slightly different, but extremely saturated face of this country. & Nbsp;

On the one hand, it is European, focused on France and Germany, and on the other, it looks at the Balkans and Turkey, a mixture of cultural originality and provincialism, peripherality.

This is something when looking at the pensive faces of Romanians, when getting on a tram or walking the streets of Romanian cities. & Nbsp; Visible in the province poverty of this country contrasts with the waving flags of the European Union placed on the ruined state buildings. Romania is full of colors and contrasts. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Only 13 km from the border with Hungary (and about 8 hours by car from & nbsp; Krakow) is Oradea & nbsp; - & nbsp; a small town and capital of the region & nbsp; Krishana. If you dream about a weekend getaway with the climate, but without the crowds, it's simply the perfect place. The city center is a renovated market square, which is surrounded by churches of various denominations and the Rapid Keresz River (Crișul & nbsp; Repede).

Why is it worth coming here? First of all, for the amazing streets & nbsp; - & nbsp; both those that have regained their former glory (as & nbsp; Calea & nbsp; Republici), as well as those dirty, with buildings with falling off plaster, small houses with Art Nouveau designs. For a night walk over Szybkie Keresz, which, contrary to its name, is slowly measuring time. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The historical part together with & nbsp; Piața & nbsp; Unirii & nbsp; is a place where you can feel how the city is reviving without forgetting its past. & Nbsp; Architecture has been dominated by four styles: baroque, classicism, secession and eclecticism. This main square of the city is surrounded by a mosaic of churches: Roman Catholic St. Władysława, moon church & nbsp; - & nbsp; which shows a clock with moon phases, the Greek Catholic church of St. Nicholas. & Nbsp; Z & nbsp; away their diversity is complemented by white-blue & nbsp; synagogue & nbsp; Neologă & nbsp; Sion. & Nbsp; Attention is also paid to the palace of the Black Eagle, where the Art Nouveau arcade is located. Nearby, you can admire the city panorama from the town hall tower. It is worth visiting & nbsp; also & nbsp; a citadel based on a pentagon plan and see the collections gathered therein, including national art and antique sculptures and architectural details. & nbsp;

What does Oradea intrigue the most? First of all, architecture, especially the Art Nouveau and socialist architecture. Decayed tenement houses with floral motifs and characteristic towers, reminiscent of the former splendor of the city, dialogue with monumental blocks of flats that seem to break the harmony of construction, worry & & nbsp; and & nbsp; remain & nbsp; until the end & nbsp; not guessed.

The historic capital of Transylvania is a much larger, busy city with prehistoric and Roman roots. Morning coffee on & nbsp; square & nbsp; Unirii, overlooking the Gothic church of St. Michał is definitely a must-see of the program. One of the city's symbols is the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God, built in the 1920s as a sign of the unification of Transylvania. The main dome reflects that located in the Temple of God's Wisdom in Constantinople. Nearby, there is a monument made in the socialist style of a monument to the Romanian hero Avam & nbsp; Iancu, and even further & nbsp; - the majestic National Theater. & Nbsp; It is also worth seeing the birth house of King Maciej Korwin from the 15th century and escape from the hustle and bustle to the botanical garden, where outside with flowers we will find an extremely extensive palm house with exotic specimens. & nbsp;

A little breath from the urban climate awaits you in the & nbsp; Vadu & nbsp; Crisului reserve, which you can reach in just one hour by choosing a train from & nbsp; Oradei.

It is worth it, because the railway route is extremely impressive & nbsp; - & nbsp; powerful rocks & nbsp; sprinkled with lush greenery around & nbsp; seem to touch the train. In the reserve, you can walk along the river (watch out for vipers during the mating season, they are not really friendly), admire the lovers of rock climbing, go camping near the old, but extremely atmospheric bridge, or visit & nbsp; one of the beautiful & nbsp; caves & nbsp; ; mountains & nbsp; Apuseni. It has been available to visitors since the beginning of the 20th century. & Nbsp; It is also worth getting off the tourist path and & nbsp; see the surrounding villages or pay attention to railway stations, which both inside and outside resemble Polish reality from several years ago . & nbsp;

To say that Romanian cuisine resembles Polish is nothing to say. & Nbsp; What flavors delight & nbsp; in Romania? In & nbsp; Oredei & nbsp; we were greeted by & nbsp; sarmale, & nbsp; i.e. Romanian stuffed cabbage & nbsp; - & nbsp; tiny and extremely juicy, filled with rice and various vegetables, served with sour cream. I liked the Romanian version more than the Polish version. & Nbsp;

Street food & nbsp; hit and snack that quenches hunger during a long visit & nbsp; to & nbsp; plăcintă & nbsp; - & nbsp; thin deep fried fried cake (in places still remembering very, very old times), made on the basis of flour with a filling of potatoes, cheese or dill . & nbsp; This extremely cheap and light snack is also a dish of Moldavian and Ukrainian cuisine. We were also delighted with Romanian dried fruits, especially cherries. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

However, what Romania tastes best about is of course people (and I don't mean cannibalism). Romanians are extremely hospitable, cordial and open. & Nbsp; They will show you the best coffee in the city, lead to the most interesting nooks and suburbs, arrange home-made Romanian wine for you.

What is the best way to get to Romania? As for Oradea, it is worth choosing a car, because virtually the entire route can be quickly and pleasantly crossed the highways of Slovakia and Hungary. & Nbsp; From Krakow and Warsaw & nbsp; to Cluj-Napoca we will get by plane (LOT airlines). & Nbsp; After Romania it is best to travel by car or train. & nbsp; & nbsp;

When it comes to money, Romanian & nbsp; lej & nbsp; is a currency whose exchange rate fluctuates around 1 zloty, so paying in this country will not be difficult for Poles. Shopping & nbsp; will also be a pleasure, because prices are lower or similar to Polish. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

When to go best? It obviously depends on what climate you like best. & Nbsp; Already in April, the temperature in the northwest of the country can reach above 20 degrees, & nbsp; and evenings and nights are already warm then. & Nbsp; Pleasant temperature to explore lasts until October . & nbsp; & nbsp; The northwestern part of Romania is therefore an ideal place for a few days trip & escape from the crowded tourist spots. & nbsp;

Palatul Vulturul Negru, or Black Eagle, is a palace from 1907-1909. The name comes from the stained glass window with a black eagle. Inside is an Art Nouveau shopping arcade inspired by one of the symbols of Milan: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

One of the most beautiful palaces at Calea Republici and a pearl of Art Nouveau architecture. It was created in 1904-1905. It is here that reinforced concrete structures were used for the first time in Oradea.

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