Judo, Grand Prix Budapest 2018, Giovanni Esposito Quinto. Corsale third in the European Cup Junior in Cluj Napoca

Judo, Grand Prix Budapest 2018, Giovanni Esposito Quinto. Corsale third in the European Cup Junior in Cluj Napoca

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Giovanni Esposito's good fifth place (-73 kg) is not enough to cancel a Grand Prix that seems to be haunted for Italy. & Nbsp; After yesterday's Black Friday, the first day of competitions, Saturday was not dyed 'blue. & nbsp; The only ring of this two days of international judo is the fifth place of Giovanni Esposito who, thanks also to the repechage, comes to play for the final for the bronze. The blue judoka started in fourth, beating the Brazilian Marcelo Contini, the Polish Michal Bartusik and the Czech Jakub Jecminek for ippon, but against the Mongolian Odbayar Ganbaatar he lost by waza-ari. However, the repechage against the Canadian Antoine Bouchard and the hippon that allows Esposito to fight for a bronze medal: nothing to do in the final Arthur Margelidon, Canadian, wins for ippon. Fifth and best result so far of this blue expedition.

A fifth place that however did not satisfy the twenty year old Neapolitan judoka who at the end of the race repeated several times that it could have been "better".

Still in the category of -73 kg Augusto Meloni exits in the first round against the Hungarian Frigyes Szabo: ippon immediately of de ashi barai gaeshi and end of the Grand Prix.

Out at the second match of the preliminary Christian Parlati (-81 kg) who, having started well against the Portuguese Anri Egutidze (beaten for ippon), loses against the Japanese Kenya Kohara (ippon): & nbsp; "That Japanese is strong", he commented to end of the race, “and in fact he went to the final, but next time it will be something else. The Portuguese is also strong, but I got to read the match better and win. "

Alice Bellandi comes out instead at the third meeting. After the victory for waza-ari against Slovenian Patricia Brolih, the hippon arrives on Cameroonian Ayuk Otay Arrey Sophina. The crossing against Canadian Kelita Zupancic who wins for ippon is fatal: "Undoubtedly I'm sorry to lose like this, the Canadian is strong, I know it well, but I felt I could do it and instead it went differently. However, another step is taken. And it goes on. "

Satisfied Ylenia Scapin who, through Fijlkam, commented today on the day: "It was a great opportunity to follow the guys you work with every day, & nbsp; because with them you build the technical ideas on which that bond is then consolidated of trust that can often be even more important ".

Tomorrow will be the last day and for Italy Domenico Di Guida (90), Valeria Ferrari, Melora Rosetta (78) and Elisa Marchiò (+78) will go on the tatami.

Before seeing today's podiums some good news from the juniors: Antonio Corsale, a young Maremma athlete, won the bronze in the 55 kg & nbsp; in the European Cup Junior in Cluj Napoca, competition with 230 athletes from 25 nations. Three wins for him, for ippon on the Romanians Jenariu and Neagu and, for third place, on the Bulgarian Grigorov. Leonardo Valeriani, the only other Italian present at the Romanian tournament, was eliminated in the first round of the 66 kg, despite the 17 pre-registered.

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