Gheorghe's daughter Hagi plays in a movie that will premiere in Cluj-Napoca

Gheorghe's daughter Hagi plays in a movie that will premiere in Cluj-Napoca

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Thursday, October 17, 2019, Written by: Monitorul

Hagi's daughter will play alongside the turdean Vali Popescu in a film that has the premiere in Cluj at the "Florin Piersic" cinema on October 23rd.

“I had the opportunity to be part of a project because I feel like I have grown up with 20 years. It is about a film that has as its theme the Pitesti experiment, where such terrible things happened. Only now did I understand the size of that tragedy. I am not very verbal, but I would like to thank here director Toma Enache and his wife, producer and screenwriter, Cătălina Enache, the actors and the team that made me feel like I was on a family, ”said Kira Hagi, who is known to have attended New York Film Academy and flirts with the actor for years

The film will also be followed by Vali V. Popescu, Ana Pârvu, Ciprian Nicula, Laurenciiu Stan, Bogdan Sălceanu, Kim Ciobanu, Csaba Ciugulitu, Yani Panait, Remus Stanescu, Adrian Culeţu, Dragoş Stoica, Victoria Cociaş, Teodora Calagiu Garofil, Stelică Murariu. The film directed by Toma Enache & nbsp; presents the story of a young composer, Tase Caraman, who reaches "re-education" in Piteşti prison. He manages to survive the terrible tortures with faith and manages to escape alive. Then he composed his fiancée "Ode to God", music that saves his fiance, the League. The "Pitesti experiment" was a method of "re-education" applied by the communists, between 1949-1952. Here, the prisoners were tortured by terrible methods, in order to wash their conscience. Here, mainly political prisoners who opposed the establishment of communism were imprisoned and tortured.

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