Fuego Tournament - "Flowers with light flowers" in Cluj-Napoca - TICKETS

Fuego Tournament - Flowers with light flowers in Cluj-Napoca - TICKETS

On December 3, 2019, Fuego will hold the "Ninge with light flowers" concert at the Student Culture House in Cluj-Napoca. The event is one dedicated to winter holidays, Romanian spirit and authentic values.

Fuego offers its audience a lot of emotion, a celebration of soul music, with news, premieres, but also with its traditional winter songs. The audience will be able to enjoy, in a sound and light show, everything that is more beautiful in the winter, feelings about parents and loved ones, meetings and emotions of childhood, faith and of course, the wonderful feeling of patriotism , the one that many have forgotten.

Along with his band and a few unique surprises, Fuego will offer a story show, two hours of intense experiences, of happiness, in which nothing will matter except music and strong emotions.

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