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The 5th Jewish Days of Cluj-Napoca, which is not only a series of artistic, musical and scholarly events, but also a tribute to the monument and tradition of Hungarian Jewry in Transylvania, pays homage to the memory of the Jews who once lived here and from here.

Band members: Andrea Malek; Jger Andrs piano; Barcza Horvth Jzsef bass; Lakatos Peczek Andrs drums; Balog Roland gitr Location: Belvrosi Unity Church

Gergely Ngrdi, the Chief Governor of Buda appointed in 2017 by the Honorary Ambassador of the Hungarian Culture and Arts, will visit the Treasure Vros for a great time. Awarded the Jewish Pavarotti cm and voted the best knight in Europe in 2015, Gergely Ngrdi's program calendar includes places like Israel, Czech Republic, Austria, USA, Canada, Erdly, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Serbia, and last but not least Krpt. In Kincses vros, the most beautiful Hungarian-Jewish performers of the 20th century will perform, and piano artist Teszter Nelli will perform Jewish Pavarotti. Location: Tranzit Hz: G. Baritiu Malom u. No. 16 / entry from Nvtelen Street

One of the lesser-known faces of Cluj-Napoca comes to the fore during the thematic period, the face created by Jenő Janovics, one of the greatest people of his time. The thematic stt is led by Adrien Rebeka Szilgyi. Tallkozs: In front of the Hungarian Sznhz in Cluj-Napoca. Sta starts exactly.

In the dlutnon accompanying the film, Zgoni Blint, director, filmmaker and producer, commemorates Jenő Janovics' work. Featuring: pianist Rbert Laczk Vass and pianist Szr Andrs, who directed two films, Mtelyt with Black Mihly, and the piano Vilgrmet ksri. Location: Bulgakov Kvhz Virg-Bza Street 17.

19.00 Once upon a time, there was a big r A nma voice that we have to pronounce Knydi Sndor's memory. Laczk Vass Rbert performer and performer of the piano work Szp Andrs Location: Vallsszabadsg Hza Bulevardul 21. Decembrie 14.

Hacks, memories, destinies: historical status in the former sites of Cluj-Napoca Jewry with the leadership of Sipos Dvid. Visit: Prizs / Pap utca, the old synagogue 7. The station starts exactly)

Hsid, Yiddish, Israeli songs, hra, rmny melody, Arabic hats, jazz, circulating, Roma music: the Sabbathsong Klezmer Band offers it all in perfect unity. Members of the Sabbathsong Klezmer Band: Masa Tams, trumpet; Masa Anita nek; Bdi Mnika violin; Szab Blint clarinet; Kovcs Laci saxophone; Csnyi Sndor accordion; Szentkirlyi Gyrgy buzuki, gitr; Zoltn Langer double bass; Rosts Csaba darbukka; Szabolcs Andrasics drums Location: Transit Hz: G. Baritiu Malom u. No. 16 / entry from Nvtelen Street

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