Electric taxis, card payment, Euro5 cars: the future of taxonomy in Cluj-Napoca?

Electric taxis, card payment, Euro5 cars: the future of taxonomy in Cluj-Napoca?

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2,500 is the maximum number of taximeters in Cluj-Napoca, announces Mayor Emil Boc. Of these, 2,469 have standard licenses, while 31 licenses are kept exclusively for electric taximeters. The new rules for the taxi business are being talked about since the summer, and the proposals initially aimed at replacing old, polluting cars, with new ones, with pollution norms lower than Euro 5. The rule on "green permits" came after a public debate .

"From 2021, all taximeters will be equipped with POS, you can pay by card, and from 2022, all taxi cars will be at least Euro 5, to reduce pollution in the city and to ensure quality transport. Also, the citizens will have the opportunity to notify the dissatisfaction, if it is the case ”, the mayor revealed, during a radio program.

Emil Boc argues that, fortunately, in Cluj-Napoca we have a "high-performance and quality" taxi service as a whole. By the new regulation, the municipality is trying to show in what direction the city is going, says the mayor, and the electric taximeters, the payment with the card and the cars of at least Euro 5 seem to be the proof that the ecological norms are taken seriously. "There is no forest without droughts," admits Boc, who assures Cluj that the Local Police carry out periodic checks, and where there is misery in the car, sanctions are applied.

"Cluj-Napoca is the only place in Romania, it is said, where the taxi driver gives you the rest of 1 leu. Very rarely do you find taxi drivers who say "I don't take you for 2 kilometers away". It is an important signal to the people of Cluj, to those who visit us. (...) And we, by regulation, are trying to show in what direction the city is going, by means of electric taximeters, the payment by card, Euro 5 ”, added Emil Boc.

Although the law provides for a taximeter number for four inhabitants, the figures in Cluj-Napoca far exceed the legal framework, despite the gradual withdrawal of taxi authorizations.

"Today, the law says we have a standard four-taximeter quota per 1,000 inhabitants, so we should have around 1,300 permits. When this Law appeared, there were about 3,000 taximeters in Cluj-Napoca, the law leaves the possibility of gradually lowering their number, by not issuing other authorizations when their validity expires. Today, we have about 2,500 licenses issued, although legally we should have only 1,300! It is insufficient, but the law does not take into account the particularities of the big urban agglomerations! We propose an additional somewhere between 100-200 electric taximeters in the communities of over 250-300 thousand inhabitants ”, declares Emil Boc, in mid-May.

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