DNA Cluj withdraws the money laundering charges in the file of the millionaire Călin Mitică

DNA Cluj withdraws the money laundering charges in the file of the millionaire Călin Mitică

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The file breaks down from one term to another, according to clujust.ro, which writes about a "historical moment" in the process of the controversial businessman. Calin Mitică offered a new statement in which he dismissed other charges and is discussing the exclusion of interceptions made by SRI.

At the deadline of Friday, October 11, Transferoviar's employer and February 16 Remar, Calin Mitică, issued a new statement to the Cluj Tribunal. He showed that his company had enforced, following a civil lawsuit, for 80,000 lei, the company Tevpag, about which the prosecutors claim that he had a fictitious contractual relationship. Mythic said that "no longer participate in the tenders where the companies Reloc Craiova and VFU Pașcani come".

"In similar circumstances, only I am sued," said Mitică, referring to the fact that Reloc and VFU have not been sued even today. Lawyer Călin Budișan completed with the fact that VFU won the tender at the expense of the company from Cluj, which is charged. "In what country do we live? Since 2015, I am totally involved in the company, they want to get it off the market ”, said the millionaire from Cluj.

After Mitică's statement, the surprise came from the Cluj DNA prosecutor, Daniel Ciumărnean, who also made the indictment. He filed a request for a change of legal status, which is in fact a waiver of two charges, but he could not legally call it a waiver, the trial being still pending.

Prof. Gheorghiță Mateuț, who defended Mythica together with the lawyer Budișan and their collaborators, said in the courtroom, after the Ciumărnean prosecutor supported his request: "The prosecutor's lord, whom I appreciate, makes a unique request in favor defendant. The accuser gives up one of the accusations ”. And lawyer Milu Timoce has stated that this is a new issue, entering into a didactic dialogue with the prosecutor about the real and ideal competition for crimes.

Judge Georgiana Fărcaș-Hîngan admitted the request, saying that the mechanism of changing the classification of two offenses into one is compatible. According to clujust.ro, it follows that the court will motivate the conclusion of the meeting by which he admitted the DNA request, of which Mateuț says that "it will be a historical one".

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