Cluj with Flowers! The most beautiful courtyards and balconies in Cluj-Napoca were awarded

Cluj with Flowers! The most beautiful courtyards and balconies in Cluj-Napoca were awarded

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At the beginning of October, the 43 floral projects registered at the third edition of the contest "Clujul cu florori", a competition organized by the Association for the Beauty of Cluj, took place. The criteria for judging took into account in particular the location, the color and the forms in which the flowers were arranged, the diversity of the flowers used and the way in which they harmonize with the environment in which they were placed.

The award for the most beautiful floral project in the county was won by Florina Martin, from Baciu commune, with the project "My garden", and the prize for the Cluj Beauty Association went to Virginia Căprar, with the project "Vivat flowers".

"Despite the fact that fewer projects have been registered this year, I am pleased because these projects are of a higher quality and, aesthetically, they are much more beautiful than in previous years. I am firmly convinced that the goals of the project can only be achieved in the long term and through sustained work, so the event "Flower Cluj" will continue next year, "said Szenkovics Dezső, president of the Association for the Beauty of Cluj.

The prizes will be awarded at a special gala, which is awaited by all those interested in this project. The gala will take place on October 24, at 18:00, at the House of Religious Freedom.

The initiative "Clujul cu florori" belongs to the Association for the beautification of Cluj, an association whose roots extend far into the past of the Treasure City (1880-1890) and to the name to which important projects are linked, such as the management of the green space around the Matia Corvin statuary group from Unirii Square, the development of the Central Park or the arrangement of the Citadel.

Established in 2017, the Association for the Beauty of Cluj brings to life the goals of the old organization and aims to contribute to the creation of a healthy, pleasant, tasteful and aesthetic vital space with the help and active participation of the citizens of the city. The founders of the Association want the city to be not only a modern one in today's sense of the word and full of possibilities, but also one that corresponds to Western standards in terms of aesthetics and beauty.

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