Cluj students want to use Lake Chinteni

Cluj students want to use Lake Chinteni

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A handful of high school students, along with those who study at the school in Chinteni, want to bring the village community together and raise funds for a project within the school.

"The community initiative club IMPACT of the Onisifor Ghibu Theoretical High School, together with the BLAN Association! and the Chinteni High School invites you on Saturday, October 19th, starting at 10 o'clock, at Lake Day. The event is organized with the support of local authorities from Chinteni commune, parents, grandparents and other partners. Thus, at 10 o'clock will start a fishing contest on Lake Chinteni, being expected all interested, be they amateur or professional in fishing. Entries are made starting at 8 o'clock, paying a registration fee of 15 lei ”, the organizers submitted.

“With the money from Ghibstock we wanted to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The purpose was to take them to an educational camp to see that education is important and they can learn many things in different environments. Now, the next stage, with the money raised from the festival, we want to make, together with them, in the village, a project to show that they have power in their community. The children want to draw the community's attention to the lake. Last week there was an environmental action in the lake area, attended by students from Ghibu, students from the school in Chinteni, but also other people from the village. Now they want to take advantage of the area through a fishing contest. The students organized everything, themselves. I just offered them a piece of advice and they did very well! ”, Said Anda Culișir, a teacher at The Onisifor Ghibu Theoretical High School in Cluj-Napoca.

Thus, for the less skilled in fishing, the volunteers prepare a series of educational activities and competitions, and at the end a live concert and a festival will be held with traditionally cooked food, including boiled food and hot donuts. , like at my grandmother's house.

"Whether you want to take part in a pumpkin carving contest, the sack competition or a mummy's eating contest, you are expected at the lake on Saturday. Being a charity event, you can contact IMPACT volunteers for donations, who can answer questions and are there to help. See you on Saturday, starting at 10 o'clock, with little at sea on Lake Day! ”, The organizers said.

The money that will be collected during the event will be donated to the school in Chinteni, and the students who teach in the village will be able to decide what they want to buy for their school.

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