Cluj Regional Hospital. The application for funding will be submitted next week

Cluj Regional Hospital. The application for funding will be submitted next week

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Comments - & gt; Mari, October 22, 2019, Written by: Monitorul Ministry of Health, Sorina Pintea, announced that on Tuesday the application for funding for the Regional Emergency Hospital in Iasi was submitted and that next week will be submitted for the Regional Hospital in Cluj. - & gt;

I say it with great joy. Today (Tuesday, Tuesday) the application for financing for the Iași Regional Hospital was submitted to the Ministry of Development, next week the financing application for the Cluj Regional Hospital will be submitted, and at the beginning of November the financing application for the Craiova Regional Hospital, said Pintea .

The new regional emergency hospital in Cluj will cost 2.5 billion lei (European funds and budget funds) and will have 849 beds, of which 105 for critical care (including burns), according to the draft government decision for approval of technical-economic indicators put up for public debate.

* Capacity: 849 beds and 19 operating rooms. The hospital will have 774 hospital beds for acute care and 105 beds for critical care in the hospital, including burn patients.

* Location: The selected land is in the Floresti area, Avram Iancu street, 10 km from the center of Cluj Napoca. The land was received from the Cluj County Council

* Construction: It will have 7 levels (basement, ground floor and 5 floors). The horizontal extended part of the building extends over 3 complete levels, while a part of the building extends over 3 additional floors. The terraces above the 1st floor, between the inner courtyards, and the terrace above the 3rd level are provided to be covered with vegetation. The built area is 28,883 square meters.

* Parking lots: The hospital will have 1,396 parking spaces, on the ground and in the basement. In addition, there will be 15 parking spaces for motorcycles, 41 for bicycles and a bus stop. There will be 10 charging stations for electric cars in the car park.

The hospital infrastructures in Cluj are fragmented, old and incompatible with the modern models and systems of hospital operation; at the same time, the absence of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, the high frequency of hospitalizations lead to an expensive oversizing of medical care in hospitals. The occupancy rate in the Emergency County Clinical Hospital varies from 18.2% in neurology, to 55% in orthopedics, 61.7% in immunology, 67.1% in endocrinology and 68.6% in pediatrics, the Ministry of Health reports.

In August, a communiqué of the Ministry of Health announced in a statement that the feasibility study had been carried out for the Cluj Regional Hospital, the Environmental Agreement had been obtained and the technical-economic indicators were finalized and will be approved at the end of August. n Government, and in October the application for funding for this hospital will be submitted to the European Commission.

In April, the Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea, stated that in his opinion, the year 2024 is an optimistic term indicated by consultants as the year in which the regional hospitals could be ready.

Rovana Plumb, the European funds minister, refused to advance a timeframe for the completion of regional emergency hospitals, saying work could begin in early 2021.

In fact, former Prime Minister Victor Ponta also claimed that the Cluj Regional Hospital will not start until 2020 because the Minister of European Funds, Rovana Plumb, requested that the money be moved for the next financial year 2021-2027. / p>

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