Cinderella returns to the stage of the "Puck" Theater

Cinderella returns to the stage of the Puck Theater

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Once upon a time there was a king who gave quite foolish commandments. At that time also lived a shepherd who simply did not fulfill these commandments. And at times like this, the situation must be confronted. But how can we deal with it? Can we look into the eyes of the one who just happened to be dizzy? Only the look of the pencil's face shadows them, for a moment, but only after that they look at each other with an even cleaner look. The world is good as long as the paths of life are guided by such star-eyes.

The director and the script are signed by Szabó Attila, the music by Csernák Zoltán Samu, and the dolls, costumes and decor by Miareczky Edit. Assistant director: Réka László.

Assistant designer: Urbán Nikolett. Choreography: Fosztó András. The distribution consists of Domokos Szabolcs, Urmánczi Jenő, Erdei Emese, Pünkösti Laura, Balogh Dorottya, Bondár Tibor and Kötő Áron.

Also, the show "Cinderella", after the Brothers Grimm, directed by Aureliu Manea, will be presented at the "Puck" Puppet Theater in Cluj-Napoca on Sunday, October 20th, from 11 am to 12.30 pm.

The show "Cinderella" can be viewed in a new stage version of the late director Mona Marian and is in the tradition of the "Puck" Theater to capitalize on the great stories of universal literature. The show is imposed by the technique of doll handling, by the scenic scenery and refined images and by the puppet-actor interpretive alternation. The entire directorial vision is based on the contrast of volumes, puppets and actors playing together on stage. The inserts in the Commedia dell'Arte give a comical note to the whole story, and the musical illustration includes classical and preclassic passages, performed live by the puppet actors.

The script is signed by Alex Căprariu, the scenography by Virgil Svințiu and Epaminonda Tiotiu and the musical illustration by Corina Sârbu. The distribution consists of Frunzina Anghel, Călin Mureșan and Angelica Pamfilie.

The "Puck" Puppet Theater was established in 1950 and is subordinated to the Cluj County Council. "Puck" dolls are made up of approximately 25 children's show titles. Starting with 2002, the institution from Cluj is the host of the International Puppet and Puppet Theater Festival "Puck", one of the important events of Cluj, and from September 2017 initiated the "WonderPuck" Street Festival, an event dedicated to the whole family.

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