Check out Netflix's The Lonely Island scam Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire

Check out Netflix's The Lonely Island scam Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire

Former manager Sandy Alderson told ESPN's Buster Olney this year that he was trying to sign for Jordan to Oakland when NBA legend ended his basketball game to continue his career decline.

"You remember when Jordan stopped playing basketball and decided to try baseball and finally went to the Barons of Birmingham - a subsidiary of the Chicago White Sox Double-A," said Alderson. When I heard it happened or should happen, I immediately called his representative and I said, “Listen, I understand he can go to Double-A. I don't even know who is the 25th man currently on our major league team, I will sign him and make him become part of our 25-man team. Tomorrow. ""

"It ended up sparking some discussion because I got a phone call or a White Sox message saying, 'Listen, what's going on here?' This guy becomes part of the White Sox organization "." Alderson told Olney

Although one season with the Barons was the scope of Jordan's base football career, knowing the A's would have given up on the latest competition schedule - at least in a major league team - for the best basketball player in game history makes us dream of opportunities.

Imagine he's roaming the square with Rickey Henderson. The two GOATs simply stole base after base at every opportunity. Can you imagine advertising nights?

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