Bryan Adams concert at 4 years of Digi FM, November 11, 2019, Cluj - Napoca

Bryan Adams concert at 4 years of Digi FM, November 11, 2019, Cluj - Napoca

Anniversaries are always a cause for joy, especially if, with the holiday, you can enjoy a special guest who arrives in your country on the day you reach a certain age. On Monday, November 11, 2019, at 4 years of Digi FM, at the stadium in Cluj - Napoca will be heard the memorable plays of the legendary Bryan Adams, three times nominated for the Oscars.

The Digi FM team will be at the concert and is preparing a party as the guest, who does not need to be presented, and surprises as Paris did not see, but will surely see Cluj. Details about the anniversary and the surprises that await the faithful listeners in the next period, but also for those who will participate next month in the four-year celebration of Digi FM will be announced soon.

“I look forward to meeting Bryan Adams. It's more than a gift we make to our listeners. It's a holiday we offer. Because we will be together, we will enjoy together and share the best concert of a great artist's career. You know what we really want: to give people a memory and understanding that we appreciate everything they did for us in the early years of Digi FM, which many others follow, ”said Cătălin Striblea.

The Bryan Adams concert on November 11, 2019 is part of the "Shine a Light" tour, which promotes the artist's newest album, the fourteenth. Tickets are available on

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