Boc announces three new neighborhoods in Cluj-Napoca: "One will have 100,000 inhabitants and 20,000 jobs"

Boc announces three new neighborhoods in Cluj-Napoca: One will have 100,000 inhabitants and 20,000 jobs

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Sunday, September 29, 2019, Written by: Monitorul

"We started the construction of three large districts of Cluj, in two of them the municipality is the owner. The City Hall owns the Borhanci Nou neighborhood - over 70 hectares of land - where the City Hall owns the areas to be built. Now the Zonal Urban Plan is made The second major project, where the City Hall also has 200 hectares of land, is the Lombului neighborhood. We had big problems with the land consolidations, we had to put pillars 16 meters deep to stabilize the hill. There will be built "Cluj Innovation City "A project of about half a billion euros, with 20,000 new jobs and about 100,000 citizens who will live there," said Mayor Emil Boc, invited to Digi FM radio, where he spoke about urban development of the city.

A third district, Soporului, which will cover almost 250 hectares, will be built on the basis of private commitments, but only after the Cluj City Hall will carry out the master plan. Emil Boc believes that this eliminates a relevant part of the traffic on the city's streets.

"The mayor's office, for the first time, assumes the task of establishing from the beginning where the boulevards are, where the kindergarten is, where the center of the neighborhood is. All basic utilities must be drawn from the beginning. A quarter of the traffic in Cluj is so-called "Unnecessary traffic. People go from one place to another in the city to take the child to the nursery, to the kindergarten, to go to a mall ... If they have all these basic facilities, part of the traffic is eliminated." said Boc on Digi FM.

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