Autumn Festival at Ion Creanga School. Students learned to sell traditional products and how to make PHOTO must

Autumn Festival at Ion Creanga School. Students learned to sell traditional products and how to make PHOTO must

meta name description content This week, at the Ion Creangă Secondary School in Cluj Napoca, the Altfel School took place, where the children participated in the action

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Comments - & gt; Wednesday, October 23, 2019, Written by: Bianca Tămaş This week, at the Ion Creangă Secondary School in Cluj-Napoca, the Altfel School took place, where the children participated in unique actions, which helped them learn new and interesting things. - & gt; Photo Gallery (4) Photo Gallery (4) Photo Gallery (4)

After the 500 students of Ion Creangă school learned on Monday how to take the first steps towards a healthy life, to make the right choices regarding nutrition and what the body's needs are, on Wednesday the little ones opened the Autumn Festival. The classrooms were adorned with colorful leaves and pumpkins in the fall, and some even borrowed the American style and opted for the Halloween theme.

During this autumn festival, a small market was opened in the school gym, where students were able to sell various products, from apple cake to homemade chocolate, zacusca or autumn fruits. p>

As part of the activities that make up the Week differently, at school level we organized two big activities. The first activity took place on Monday, Steps to a healthy life, and the second activity today (ed. Wednesday), the Autumn Festival. We have a tradition in Creangă school with this autumn festival and Friendship Week and we thought that this year the School would be different in October to organize it on this occasion. The children decorated their classrooms and we organize an autumn fair in the gym, where some of the students sell certain products. Some of them just made an autumn-themed presentation stand. We have dance competitions, karaoke and other activities suitable for this festival, explained Camelia Sncrăian Pop, director of the Ion Creangă school.

Thus, in the school's gym, the students arranged their stalls, paying attention to details, so that they would be as attractive as possible. Thus, the space really took the form of an autumn trg, with specific products. The students walked from one stall to another and tasted the goodies prepared by their classmates.

Here we have some vegetables, autumn fruits, we have zacusca because it is traditional. In autumn, zacusca is made, as is sweetness. We believe that this represents us Romanians, said Ștefania Berci.

We have all kinds of cakes and donuts made by parents and grandparents. We helped too. We will donate some of the money raised to a girl who is ill, and we will put the rest at the bottom of the class, said two girls, complementing each other's ideas.

The children were very involved. They were very happy to have to participate in this festival and put their mothers and grandmothers into action. They are very happy to make a penny, explained Gabriela Pașcalău, the teacher of one of the classes that had a stall at the fair.

Also on a fall note, the students had the opportunity to learn to make their own must, right at school! Thus, a manual press with which the grapes are squeezed and several tens of kilograms of well-ripened grapes were taken to the dining room, where the children, some for the first time in their lives, saw how the must is traditionally made. p>

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