Art in the Street 2019 brought Cluj to the streets

Art in the Street 2019 brought Cluj to the streets

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“This year the challenge was to transform not only the streets of Cluj into an outdoor scene, but also those of Iasi. We managed to do this successfully and we were glad to see that the people of Iasi are receptive and open to such an event. Clujians, of course, did not deceive our expectations and received us with the same warmth and energy with which we were accustomed to in the other three editions. We can hardly wait for the next opportunity to color the streets of cities, '' said Denisa Dan, Art in the Street project manager.

The Romanian and foreign artists who performed on the streets of the two cities were Malox, Marú, Vizi, Lucia & amp; Andrei do Radiohead, Lorenzo Heel, Appetite Theater, Nomad Flames, Iulia Heleanu, Adam's Nest, SPZ, Cosmin, Infusion, #spunecesimți, TANGERINE, George Pintilii, Quasar Dance Iasi, PurAnima, Duo Jazz Gârlea, MAC Band, K-beat, Andrei Cristian, Introspect, Andirino Company, Freehand Poe, Vlad Nedelcu, Efreet Light & amp; Fire Show, Zephyrus, La Chakra, Sidewalk Troubadours, Flashover, Laura's 5ive, JoMacabre, Magic Puppet, AlmosTrio, Bulz Botherz, Vigu Gheorghe Antonio, GRUV, ICS in Concert, Mimo Poet, Jazz & amp; Blues, Create.Act.Enjoy, Adrian Strâmtu, Alexu and The Voices Inside, Florian Babțan-Varga, Tania Cadiș, Foolosophy Entertainment and Goldy.

With unstoppable energy and a musical force that does not go unnoticed, the Israeli band Malox returned to Cluj for Art in the Street, after the unforgettable concert held this year at Jazz in the Park.

“We had a great time on the Art in the Street scenes. The audience is incredible. We have played in all the contexts you can imagine, from birthdays to big concerts in conventional spaces. But I think that when you play only in conventional spaces, without accepting this challenge of singing on the streets, you lose something, as an artist. For us, the more strange the situation, the harder we gain public attention, the more interesting it is. Because anyone can sing in front of five thousand people and be good. But singing on the street and making people feel something, experiencing different emotions together with you is a challenge that is worth it, "said Assaf Talmudi, the mouthpiece of Malox.

At Art in the Street, both in Iasi and Cluj, we felt very good. It's really exciting because you get in touch with people who don't necessarily know who you are and what you do, people who just walk down the street, stop and see you, and make you think about what you have in mind. the moment I hear you singing. And the atmosphere is very beautiful, '' said Lucia, the soloist of Lucia & amp; Andrei do Radiohead.

Art in the Street is a program to encourage and develop street art, to promote young street artists and to educate the local community on the role and meaning of the arts. The first edition of Art in the Street took place on April 23, 2016 under the name Jazz in the Street and was a real success. Since then, the Facts team has organized several dozen such events a day, two days or just a few hours.

The Art in the Street project is a Facts project, funded by the Iași City Hall and the Local Council, the City Hall and the Cluj-Napoca Council and supported by the Iași Youth Capital of Romania.

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