Are Clujians RASISTIOUS and INTOLERANT? The owners of apartments in Cluj will not Roma and families with many children for rent

Are Clujians RASISTIOUS and INTOLERANT? The owners of apartments in Cluj will not Roma and families with many children for rent

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At the Local Council meeting held on Wednesday, representatives of the association "Social Casinos Now", together with those living in Pata Rât, discussed community issues, in the context where, one of the items on the agenda was discussing the purchase. of a dwelling to be transformed into a social dwelling.

They complained that the projects that provide social housing to the people in need are few and have limited results, and those who receive help for rent have difficulties when it comes to finding a home, because the owners of Cluj keep away from Roma and Roma. families with more children.

"We are very pleased to see that there were two draft decisions that had the potential to have a great impact on the right to housing. One is the renting aid, and the second is this. In view of the current situation of the rental markets, about 20 rental aids are few. We wonder why there were so few projects submitted. Both projects had a limited result. Both appealed to the market as a tool to produce solutions for the housing problem. People who have received that provision for rent help do not find apartments for rent, because the owners do not want to receive Roma or people with more children, "said George Zamfir, sociologist, representative" Social houses now ".

Mayor Emil Boc responded to the dissatisfaction of the people present in the meeting room that in order to solve the problem of social housing, it is necessary to invest in education.

"The city council considers that this problem in the medium and long term can only be solved through education. Education is our top priority as a solution for you and your children to get out of social marginalization. We invest everything necessary for the transport of children to school, to ensure the School after school program, for supplies, because in vain they will be jobs if they do not have the necessary training. It is not just for children, we are learning all our lives. A man changes his job two, three times in his life. There are qualification courses for a job and we will support you to attend them if you wish. I look for vacancies in Cluj and they are not desirable, because there is no minimum training. Education is the most important way to get out of this state ”, explained the mayor.

"We had the chance since 2006 to start that project over 400 social housing instead of the old oser from the local budget money and we were able to complete that project. Then, gradually, I started to use other social housing. This year, the block on Ghimeșului Street will be ready. We still have a few locations in preparation, all of them from Cluj money. This year we lost 16 million euros from the local budget due to the provisions of the legislation prepared by the governors. It was a budget rectification yesterday. Cluj received 0 lei, including on the social assistance side I received 0 lei. I needed 70 million lei. We have the rent and the market share. 108 approved applications for rent, in payment 31. We made it public to find housing, it is difficult to break a psychological barrier. We need the involvement of civil society for changing mindsets. Civil society can not only demand, but also comes with solutions. We approve the housing purchase project, start the procedure tomorrow. I know what problems you have, we don't hold hands. I think we are the only city hall in Romania with so many tools, ”said Emil Boc.

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