Over 150 graduates of the UMF Cluj-Napoca, on Wednesday, protested the postponement of the residency exam, asking the authorities to set a clear date for the competition. About 50 graduates of UMF Grigore T. Popa also went out in Iasi.

In Cluj-Napoca, the protest participants gathered on Wednesday, on Heroes Boulevard, with surgical masks on the arm and face, but also with posters with messages such as "We demand December 8 a certainty", "I wanted little respect in this system defect, we would like to be good, but the policy keeps us "," We want to profess, we do not want to leave "," We do not want to be unemployed ". One of the doctors came with the little boy in the stroller, on which the message "Father wants to be a resident".

The protesters chanted "We want respect", "Mom don't forget to put money this month", "We want to work in the country not abroad", "We want to profess, we don't want to leave".

Mihai Oprea, one of the organizers of the action, said he is calling for decision makers, politicians, to find a solution so that the doctors do not depend on the signature of a person to support the residency.

"It has been known that this examination has been needed for a long time and we need to establish a clear date for the support of the resident. It is difficult to try to focus on situations like this, instead of using time to study and prepare. It is abnormal and even humiliating for us to be endlessly delayed and unable to get to profess the profession for which we have been preparing for six years, "said Oprea.

"We came because we had to give the residence on the 17th of November and he was moved on the 8th of December and we still do not know if we will give it and because the number of places granted to us this year is much smaller than the one from last year. We have no certainty that we will enter the field of work from January, that we will have a stable job, that we will have where to work, we know nothing, "said Ioana, a graduate of UMF Iasi.

"I am thinking of leaving the country, because after six years when my parents invested in my education, I cannot afford to stay for a year, so if this situation is not solved, I plan to leave," Dragoş explained , another graduate.

Sorina Pintea, Minister of Health in the Dăncilă Government, dropped following the censure motion, announced last week that the residency exam, which was supposed to take place on November 17, will be postponed to December 8, because The Ministry of Education does not have a minister to sign the seven orders necessary for organizing the trial.

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