A new edition of the Bicyclists' March this weekend

A new edition of the Bicyclists' March this weekend

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All Clujans with a bicycle are invited. The meeting of the participants will be in the Unirii Square, starting at 10:45. The actual start of the march will be shortly after 11:00, and will take about an hour and a half.

This time, the route covers the central and peripheral area and the periphery of the Mărăști and Gheorgheni neighborhoods, starting and ending at Unirii Square. Specifically, the route is: Piata Unirii - Bd.Eroilor - A.Iancu lane - Cl.Dorobanților - A. Suciu street - S.Albini street - bd. N.Titulescu - for your T.CIpariu - for your St. cel Mare - str. A. Iancu - str. Universitatea - str. Unirii - str. Memorandumului - str. V. Alecsandri - str. Card.I.Hossu - str. G. Coșbuc - Central Park S.Bărnuțiu - str. Emil Isac - Petru Maior str. - L. Blaga street - Napoca street - Unirii street.

It is a new opportunity to meet, get to know and pedal in common with Cluj cyclists, but especially an opportunity to remind local authorities, the public and the press about the need to promote the use of bicycles as a daily means of transport in the city, an essential component of sustainable urban mobility and viable alternative to car transport, along with public transport and pedestrian movement.

"The participants again express their concern about the lack of progress in the field of bicycle infrastructure, after a long stagnation resuming the construction of new tracks, but also with serious qualitative deficiencies, and the problems with the old ones are not solved, from the insufficient width to the lack of continuity and safety side spaces, from the presence of various obstacles to missing, unclear or incorrect road markings and signs, which endanger cyclists and other road traffic participants, ”the organizers said.

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