A county leader from Cluj resigns from PSD after 26 years, urging others to do the same

A county leader from Cluj resigns from PSD after 26 years, urging others to do the same

The county councilor Remus Lăpușan, leader of the group of social-democratic advisers, resigned from the PSD on Tuesday, after being a party member for 26 years. Moreover, he urged those who are "encouraged by social-democratic values" to enter into the project of another political formation.

"Twenty-six years ago, I joined the PSD (PDSR) for the social-democratic values, in which I believed and in which I believe today, for the leaders and left-wing intellectuals who have led the PSD over time, in first of all for those from Cluj who made a decisive contribution to Romania's accession to NATO and the European Union, for the social-democratic tradition in Transylvania, of western expression. The events of the last weeks confirm my feeling of mistrust that I have for a long time, regarding the defective management of the party, namely the weak leadership at the forefront of the PSD, which in Cluj included a leadership that does not represent Cluj and our community, an intruder who is attacking his own colleagues and local elected officials ”, says Remus Lăpușan, in his Facebook message.

He stressed that he had the hope, after May 26, that through a project of democratization of the PSD, he would return to optimizing the relationship of representation and democracy of the party that would not be put in brackets by a single man, “but it seems that the current leadership has not understood the defeat of the European Parliament and has returned to the policy of imposing, instead of ensuring, statutory, free elections ”.

"Cluj-Napoca is a university center of excellence, a cosmopolitan city, which can only be run by recognized political leaders of the community, therefore I reject any association with the current leadership of the PSD Cluj and I submit my resignation from both the PSD and the County Council. Cluj. The left must be represented in Cluj and I invite all those who are encouraged by the social-democratic values ​​to enter the PRO Cluj Romania project and to be pro community, common sense, professional expertise and pro Europe ”, concluded Lăpușan.

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