€ 100,000 for the first apartment transformed into SOCIAL HOUSING. Cluj-Napoca City Hall received only one offer!

€ 100,000 for the first apartment transformed into SOCIAL HOUSING. Cluj-Napoca City Hall received only one offer!

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The Cluj-Napoca Local Council decided in June that the City Hall would buy apartments on the free market, which they would later transform into social housing.

“(…) The purchase on the free market of a building located in Cluj-Napoca in the Mănăştur neighborhood on Clăbucet street composed of four rooms, a kitchen, a food pantry, a bathroom, a hall, a balcony with a usable area of ​​79, 54 sqm at the price of 94,400 euros ”, is shown in the draft decision that will reach the table of local councilors.

According to the 2011 census, there were 130,000 homes in Cluj-Napoca, of which an overwhelming majority of 98% in private property, the rest in state property. In 2014, the stock of public-fund housing was 1,554, of which 1,368 are social housing, all occupied. Mayor Emil Boc said that, in parallel with the purchase of housing, buildings will be built for the purpose of social housing, at present about 90 such housing are under construction.

We recall that in early April, dozens of people were evacuated from Vlad Țepeș street and made a scandal in the Local Council requesting social housing. They said at that time that in vain subsidizes the municipality rent they do not find owners willing to receive them.

“On the social side, beyond the social housing program, which we have every year, this year the houses on Ghimeșului street will be finalized and others will start, we have introduced programs aimed at rent subsidy, I think we are among the few from Romania that we apply this program. We see difficulties in implementation. First of all, let the world know that if you use this program to subsidize the rent up to a maximum of 1,400 lei, it is not excluded from the social housing program. In the budget for 2019 we will have 2 million euros for the purchase of social housing, other than those built on public funds. For more than 10 years, ANL houses are no longer built in the city. Today, no one is under the open sky. Everyone has access to a health service, a roof, a table, the two locations, the Prison Fellowship and our location on Dragos Voda. The evacuees benefit from an additional score on the list of social housing in 2019, "Mayor Emil Boc told the evacuees at that time.

In June, the Local Council approved the procedure regarding the purchase on the free market of buildings destined for social housing. On the occasion of the opening of the tenders, the commission from the Cluj-Napoca City Hall found that only one tender was submitted, so that it proposed to resume the procurement procedure.

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